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The Amboise is a spacious and superbly styled corner log cabin with a traditional apex roof.  Fashioned from quality materials the attractive design features a lockable single door to the front and large, opening Georgian style windows for light and ventilation.  The pentagonal design means the Amboise will sit neatly in any corner of the garden, providing a striking focal point in addition to valuable space to enable outdoor living whatever the weather.


The Amboise is constructed of robust interlocking 28mm pine log, smooth planed for appearance and comfort. Both roof and floor are solid sheet, the latter supported by longlasting pressure treated joists, the former finished in roofing felt for protection and weatherproofing.  The windows are glazed in 3mm horticultural glass and both windows and doors feature draught seals for comfort and insulation on those cooler (and breezier!) days.    


The footprint of the building is approximately 9'9''x9'9'' (2.96x2.96m) giving a great deal of internal floor space.  This is coupled with ample headroom provided by heights of 6'7'' (2.00m) at the eaves and 9' (2.75m) at the highest point of the roof. Plenty of access too with the generously proportioned 5'9'' x 2'9'' (1.74x0.85m) single doorway.


The Amboise is supplied untreated apart from the floor joists.  These should not require any further attention but the remainder of the building should be fully treated with a preservative/decorative treatment at the time of construction to ensure longevity and maintenance of the attractive appearance of the wood.  The finish should be maintained on a regular basis - annual is recommended.


An installation option may be available for the Amboise at extra cost.


Unless an installation option has been purchased the Amboise will be delivered on a pallet ready for assembly by the purchaser.  The assembly time is estimated at 5 to 7 hours by a minimum of two persons but you should note that this will not include the time necessary for treatment/decoration of the timbers.  The cabin is supplied in log form, not as a sectional building and this may slightly increase the time required for construction.

Our Verdict

There's a lot to be said for the Amboise corner summerhouse if you're looking for a large building with a relatively low price tag.  The 28mm interlocking logs give a substantial construction which raises this cabin a class above cheaper models finished in shiplap.  You need to remember to factor the additional costs of decoration and preservation into the price though and we're not so keen on the horticultural glass in the windows either - we prefer safety glass as in the Ardcastle - but you may be able to live with it given the price and the standard of the remainder of the construction.

We do think the guide assembly time of 5 to 7 hours is probably optimistic for two people inexperienced in the construction of this type of building.  There shouldn't be anything beyond the abilities of the average diy'er - it might just take a little longer than estimated.  Remember too that as the timbers other than the floor joists are completely untreated you will have to thoroughly apply as suitable preservative at the time of construction.  These aren't considerations unique to the Amboise though and taking everything into account we feel it offers good value for money in its category.


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If you own an Amboise Corner Summerhouse we'd be delighted to hear about your experiences.  Please submit a review on our Corner Summerhouse Review Page - we look forward to hearing from you.

The Amboise Corner Summerhouse

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The Amboise Corner Summerhouse