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The Winchester 8'x6' Octagonal Corner Summerhouse

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winchester 8x6 octagonal corner summerhouse image
The Winchester 8'x6' Corner Summerhouse
Please note that the Winchester 8'x6' octagonal corner summerhouse is a variation on the Buttermere 8x6 which we list separately.  Both are essentially very similar but are marketed under a number of names, sometimes with minor variations.  You can view the various versions via the links above and on the Buttermere 8'x6' Octagonal Corner Summerhouse page.

The larger version of the Winchester 6x6 the 8x6 features the same attractive octagonal style but with double doors and an increased internal area.

The Winchester is constructed of 12mm shiplap tongue and groove cladding on a robust 27 x 45mm frame.  The building also features tongue and groove flooring and a solid 8mm single sheet osb felt covered roof.  There are four windows, two of which open and the lockable double doors are also glazed to allow maximum light.  The glazing material is styrene which ensures safety.

The Winchester is supplied ready treated with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee.  A finishing coat will require to be applied to the purchaser's preference and it is recommended that this be re-applied on a regular basis.  The illustrated model has been finished in an attractive grey with white trim.


The Winchester corner summerhouse is supplied ready for assembly by the purchaser.

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If you own a Winchester 8'x6' Corner Summerhouse we'd be delighted to hear about your experiences.  Please submit a review on our Corner Summerhouse Review Page - we look forward to hearing from you.

The summerhouse measures 8' x 6' (2.46 x 1.87 m) in area.  Height is 6'6'' (1.96 m) at the eaves rising to 8'9'' (2.67 m) at the apex of the roof.  The door opening is 5'10'' x 4'1.5'' (1.78 x 1.26 m)