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The Forest Garden Cranbourne Corner Summerhouse


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The Forest Garden Cranbourne
Corner Summerhouse


The Cranbourne corner summerhouse is constructed in a lovely traditional pentagonal style with a pent roof, fixed windows and half glazed double doors.  The windows are a departure from the usual style in this type of summerhouse and offer something different.


The summerhouse is manufactured in shiplap cladding from an FSC approved source.  The windows are styrene glazed and the doors feature pull handles with a key operated lock for security.


The overall size of the building is 2.98 x 2.29m (9'9'' x 7'6'') with a maximum height of 1.86m (6'2'').


The summerhouse is dip treated prior to delivery.  It is recommended that a final finish be applied by the purchaser.


The Cranbourne is delivered ready for assembly.  An assembly option is available at an additional cost.


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Our Verdict

If you're in the market for a budget 7'x7' corner summerhouse we'd recommend you take a close look at the Cranbourne.  It's an attractive building finished in an interesting style and you'll usually find it competitively priced against comparable models. 

The 12mm shiplap tongue and groove cladding is the standard you'd expect in this type of economy building.  It will be more prone to splits and knotholes than the thicker cladding you often find in more expensive summerhouses but as long as you are prepared to accept this and carry out any necessary filling prior to applying the final finish it shouldn't be an issue.

The roof and floor are both manufactured in OSB.  While this shouldn't be a problem in the case of the roof which is protected by sand felt, you'll have to make sure the summerhouse isn't located in an area where ground water is likely to collect as OSB tends to be susceptible to water damage.  It's generally not as good as supporting weight as a wooden floor although it is braced with floor bearers.  Before constructing the summerhouse we'd suggest you test the floor to make sure it will support everything - and everyone - likely to be on it.  If you don't think it's strong enough it's a relatively straightforward diy exercise to add additional or stronger bearers as required.  The pent roof will allow water to drain off to the rear of the summerhouse so you will need to make sure the run off will drain away in turn and won't collect and cause damage to the building.

Again, being a budget summerhouse, the Cranbourne is dip treated with a basecoat only prior to delivery.  At the price this is what you would expect so you will need to apply a final decorative/preservative coat at the time of construction.  This will give you the opportunity to finish the summerhouse in your own preferred colour or stain and will help to ensure a long life for the building.  You'll need to keep an eye on the finish - we'd recommend a thorough annual inspection - and carry out redecoration as required.  Any guarantee offered will be conditional on this being done.

The windows are glazed in styrene which is ideal from a safety point of view as unlike glass it is virtually unbreakable (although it is more prone to scratches and scuffing).  They are fixed which means you won't be able to open them for ventilation on a hot day.  On the other hand, you can always open one of the doors and fixed windows will help deter unwanted intruders.  On the subject of security and unlike some other budget models the Cranbourne is fitted with a press lock and key.  This saves having to fit a separate padlock if you're concerned about security which is ideal from an aesthetic point of view.  As well as being easy to lock, the double doors will allow plenty of room to move furniture and other items into and out of the summerhouse.

The Cranbourne compares well with other 7x7 corner summerhouses in its price category.  If you're undecided have a look at the Hampton 7x7, the Barclay 7x7 and the Standard and Premier 7x7.  If you're on a bigger budget check out the Stowe 7x7, the A1 Kirton 7x7, the Leaded 7x7 and the Blockley 7x7.  In our view these offer better quality - but at a higher price.  It will all depend on you intend to spend and the Cranbourne is a perfectly acceptable economy model.

We've awarded the Cranbourne three and a half stars out of five to reflect the OSB floor and general economy standard of the construction and finish.  In addition, if you check out our price guides you'll probably find the comparable Hampton, Barclay and Standard and Premier summerhouses more attractively priced.
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