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The Leaded Corner Summerhouse

The Leaded Corner Summerhouse

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The Leaded corner summerhouse is a mid-priced five sided corner building with a pent roof and a distinctive style.  As the name suggests the main - and striking - feature is the glazing in the windows and doors which is finished in an attractive diamond leaded style, beautifully complemented by the antiqued and ornate door fittings.  The side windows are opening to allow for ventilation on a warm day.

The summerhouse is available in three sizes giving flexible options according to the space you have available and the overall impression is one of quality.  If you are attracted to the window style, have a look too at the Colton - another model with leaded glass styling in the same size and price range.


The summerhouse is finished in 12mm shiplap cladding mounted on 44 x 34mm chamfered eased redwood framing (that's framing with slightly shaped or rounded edges) as standard.  15 and 18mm finishes are also available however, including a 15mm tanalised version.  There's an extra charge for this but on balance we'd recommend that version for durability and longevity.   The windows are standard glass but for peace of mind a toughened glass option is available.


As we mention above the Leaded Corner Summerhouse is available in a choice of three sizes;  6' x 6', 7' x 7' and 8' x 8' (1.83 x 1.83m, 2.14 x 2.14m and 2.44 x 2.44m).  Height is 6'4'' (1492mm) at the eaves increasing to 7' (2146mm) at the highest point of the roof.  The windows measure up at 3'5'' x 2'4'' (1040 x 717mm) and the double door opening at 5'10'' x 3'7'' (1790 x 1103mm).


The building will be dip treated prior to delivery unless you buy the tanalised version, in which case a pressure treatment will be applied.  Dip treated summerhouses require a suitable decorative/preservative finish to be applied at the time of construction and maintained on a regular basis to ensure longevity.  Although a tanalised summerhouse will enjoy enhanced durability, we'd recommend you consider the application of a decorative finish as even tanalised wood can quite quickly take on a weathered and rather worn appearance. 


The summerhouse is delivered flat packed for easy assembly by the purchaser.  It's recommended that this be undertaken by at least two people to ensure a pain free process!  You can see video instructions before you buy on this page (opens in a new window).


Depending on where you're located an installation option may be available at additional cost.  As well as the standard 12mm shiplap version of the Leaded corner summerhouse you have the option of 15mm tanalised, 15mm loglap or 18mm premier shiplap versions.  These models are all slightly more expensive than the standard version. 


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If you own a Leaded Corner Summerhouse we'd be delighted to hear about your experiences.  Please submit a review on our Corner Summerhouse Review Page - we look forward to hearing from you.