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The Bertsch Penta or Panta 4
Corner Summerhouse

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9'10'' x 9'10'
(3 x 3 m)
Simply Log Cabins


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Built to a high quality specification in a traditional pentagonal design the Penta 4 Corner Summerhouse features an attractive apex roof with half glazed double doors and two opening side windows.  The smaller windows are designed for those who value their privacy while still allowing ample sun for a light and airy feel.  It also allows items of furniture to be more readily placed below the windows.  The double glazed windows and doors make the Penta 4 especially suitable for year round use.


The building is finished in substantial 44mm Nordic pine log cladding with double tongue and groove for strength, chalet milled at the corners to enhance weatherproofing.  The floor and roof are of 19mm tongue and groove board and pre-treated foundation joists are supplied.

Both the tilt and cant windows and the double doors are double glazed in a Georgian style featuring laminated wood, window bars and fitted weather strips.  For security the doors are fitted  with a cylindrical key operated lock.


The building measures 2.1m at the eaves rising to 2.9m at the highest point of the roof.  The windows are 0.98 x 0.88m (3'2'' x 2'11'') while the half glazed double doors give ample clearance at 1.86 x 1.5m (6'1'' x 4'11'').  The roof overhang is 30cm (12'') all round.


The Penta 4 is delivered untreated to enable a finish to be applied to the purchaser's preference.  A factory painting option is available.


Options include the factory painting option already mentioned along with a choice of felt roof shingles in a number of colours and alternatively sized and styled windows and doors. Shutters and window boxes can also be supplied if required.


The Penta 4 is delivered with full instructions ready for assembly by the purchaser.


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The Penta or Panta 4 Corner Summerhouse

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