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The Rowlinson Kestrel Corner Summerhouse

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The Rowlinson Kestrel Corner Summerhouse


The Rowlinson Kestrel is a pretty pentagonal corner summerhouse with an a hip roof (an attractively styled roof which slopes down to the top of each wall), opening side windows and double doors - all glazed in toughened safety glass.


The walls are constructed in interlocking 28mm FSC timber cladding while both roof and floor are of tongue and groove board for strength and durability.  The roof is finished in attractive bitumen roofing shingles.  Both windows and doors are glazed with 3mm toughened glass for safety while the double doors are lockable for security.


The base of the Kestrel measures 10'8'' x 10'8'' (3.25 x 3.25m).  Height is 8'2'' (2.5m) at the highest point.  The door opening is a generous 5'9'' x 5'4'' (1.74 x 1.61m).


The building is supplied untreated.  A suitable finish to the purchaser's preference will need to be applied at the time of construction.


The Kestrel is delivered ready for assembly with full instructions.


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Our Verdict

Rowlinson, with 80 years of experience behind them, are generally regarded as synonymous with good quality and the Kestrel is a solid, substantial corner summerhouse with, we think, a stylishly attractive appearance.  The 28mm interlocking tongue and groove wall logs are a long way from the 12mm shiplap of budget models and will give you a solid, durable building which should enjoy a long life.  Note, though, that other than the floor bearers the timbers are untreated so you'll have to make sure you apply a good quality decorative/preservative wood finish at the time of assembly.  Don't neglect this task as untreated/unfinished wood will quickly take on a weathered and worn appearance when exposed to the elements - and you're unlikely to enjoy the benefit of any guarantee offered if the timbers aren't treated at the time of assembly and the treatment maintained on a regular basis.  The base frame however is pressure treated which is designed to extend its life beyond that which you'd expect from surface treated timber.  This is particularly important with the base timbers which are likely to be in constant contact with damp ground conditions.

The doors and windows of the Kestrel are glazed in toughened safety glass which is no more than you would expect in a summerhouse in this price category.  The windows open which is ideal for ventilation on a hot summer's day and we like the double doors too.  They'll contribute to the Kestrel's bright, sunny interior and the accommodating doorway makes it easy to move furniture and other wide actions in and out.  The double doors are lockable and the windows are closed securely from the inside.  All should help deter unwanted intruders.  And if you do have any concerns on that score it should be a relatively straightforward exercise to install additional internal window locks or bolts.

As you would expect with a summerhouse of this quality, both the roof and floor are constructed in 19mm tongue and groove timber which we much prefer to the OSB or 12mm roof and flooring often found in cheaper models. As we mention above, the foundation framing is pressure treated which will help protect it from attack by rot and fungus.  All in all the construction looks quality throughout - the bitumen roof shingles which finish off the roof are a nice touch - and provided you observe the assembly instructions correctly you will end up with a solid and robust structure with good resistance to the elements and which, properly maintained, will last for years.  And on the topic of assembly - expect to find this fairly time consuming on account of fact that the timbers of the Kestrel are supplied individually rather than in pre-formed panels which really practical with this type of interlocking log construction.  But don't worry too much, although the job may look a little daunting at the outset, for the average diy'er construction should be time consuming rather than difficult although realistically you will probably need at least two people to complete it without mishap.  You can see the detailed assembly instructions here (opens in a new window) so you'll have a good idea of what's involved before ordering.

Being a right angled pentagonal summerhouse the Kestrel will fit nicely into any corner of the garden.  Similar models in this style and ballpark price range which you might also want to have a look at are the Ardcastle, Amboise, and Wenlock.  These are all slightly smaller however and there's little doubt that the Kestrel gives you a great deal of quality summerhouse for your money.  The only slight criticism we might offer is that apart from the base framing, the timbers are untreated.  It would however be unrealistic to expect anything more for the price, so we have no hesitation in awarding the Kestrel a full house five stars!
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